Where are we right now?

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  1. Brendan Duffy

    hello Gabe and your conspirator Nick, this is one travel blog I will be watching! Jealously! Be wise and safe along the way. And take heaps of photos of the San Andreas and Garlock faults, along with any other thrusts, intrusions and extrusions you meet along the way. Good luck!

  2. Lucas

    Hey Mark!

    They’re nerds so obviously they made built it from scratch, sorry. The good news is I would be happy to poach a potential client of theirs and build you a site while they’re still in the woods


  3. Joanie Weiser (Morgan's mom)

    You guys are the most awesome ever – Morgan told me about the epic hike and I just seriously want to kvell with your folks!

    For some encouragement and camaraderie, and if you get netflix on the trail, have fun with ‘Running the Sahara’. All you guys are nutz!

    Best wishes, and will be following along with bated breath,


  4. gram and papa

    oh, wow with a few added miles you could hope over to Palm Desert and be warm, comfortable and be able to buy a hot meal!!
    Continue to be safe and enjoy
    Gram and Papa

  5. Jessie

    I would love to meet up with you guys next weekend, the 10th or 11th! Let me know what I can bring you!


  6. Chris

    It’s a long ways away, but think of a location I could meet you guys for dinner-in-the-woods in Trinity Alps territory. Chris Turner

  7. Helen

    Is there any other status beyond “I’m alive?” I want to know… and yet I feel like I don’t either.

  8. gram and papa

    We are continually amazed with you guys! Are you planning to write a book when you finish..Some of your posts are incredibly funny!
    Continue to stay safe!

    Gram and Papa

  9. Terri

    I finally got around to checking out the Where Are We just in time to vicariously anticipate your entry into Sequoia and then Kings Canyon, NP. Know that you have our hearts and souls along with you for the hike through those sweet Southern Sierras and especially Evolution Basin. Helen Lake will inspire you to push on over Muir Pass where soon enough you’ll be greeted by the frogs of Wanda Lake. Mt. Huxley will tower over you to ensure you stay out of trouble. And those Columbine in the talus fields, their delicate beauty and enduring tenacity will hopefully delight and distract you from the effort of your walk. Enjoy!

  10. Scott Lewis

    WOOLF is howling and I thought just before I get chewed up and swallowed I’d take a moment to venture on to your blog for the first time after your many, many miles.
    Gabe – awfully proud of you, very inspired by your tenacity, determination, resourcefulness!! I’m sure I’m proud of Nick to.. just don’t know him too well and he’s not my nephew!!
    You’ve certainly raised the bar for the Lewis clan hikers!!
    Much love – be safe as you journey on to the finish.. see you in the east when you’re back at school.

    love, uncle

    PS not even sure if you’re going to see this.. but thought I’d give this technology a try!!

  11. Cheryl Lewis

    Wanting to wish you both a heartfelt congratulations on reaching the Canadian border after an arduous and adventurous four and a half months on the Pacific Crest Trail! Your amazing accomplishment is an inspiration to friends and family still on this earth and not. Now if you really want to make us proud, turn around and hike back to Mexico! I’ll meet you at the border in a few months… Happy Trails, Gabe and Nick!!

  12. Chris Turner

    You Did It! Gentlemen, I am so impressed. I mean, didn’t I just have breakfast with you in the Russian’s a short number of weeks ago? Heck, it takes me 4 months just to drive from Mexico to Canada (ahem – with all those micro-breweries factored in). OK, rest those feet, eat a lot, study hard, and look back smiling for the next 117 years on Summer 2014. Cheers

  13. Stephen Cunha

    Gabe and Nick,
    I checked in on you two now and then, and it was fun watching your progress and your pictures. I ended up hiking from Tahoe to Tuolumne on the PCT in August, and saw your ghosts in several places. I’m still wondering if it’s better to eat the whole enchilada at one sitting, as you did, or cherry pick it over a summer. That aside, I fully concur with your musings about the state of the three states, such as Oregon a boring prof (careful there) and WA as a high school girlfriend (there is an underlying reason why it’s nicknamed the ‘Evergreen State’).

    Great adventure, well done, congrats on a gold medal hike!

    Stephen Cunha

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