Deep Creek Hot Springs

Here are a few pics from Deep Creek Hot Springs this last week, after climbing out of the I10 valley and passing through the town of Big Bear Lake to resupply. Morale is still high and we’re loving the hike. Blisters keep appearing between toes but we couldn’t ask for a better adventure.

We had a wonderful time Saturday night in the hot springs under the stars, as well as most of the day Sunday. The water was warm and pleasant, there weren’t too many people, and we even got to try our luck on the slack line!! After watching a party of ~30 naked men (accompanied by many Prince Alberts) proudly parade into the springs, we quickly escaped. But not before snapping these pictures.



This is too good not to share with the world, Nick at his finest sporting the free chili pepper from the casino!


Crossing the Mojave Forks Spillway, a desolate stretch of waterless desert.


Nick and Gordon relaxing in the hot springs after a long hike. This was the lowest, and coolest, of the pools, allowing us to bring cold river water into the pool to cool us down.


Attempting to slackline over the cool water as we take a break from the hot pools. I swear I’m not falling during this picture, just moments after…


We washed our clothes out in the stream and went to bed, then woke up with frozen laundry, a cold surprise!

3 thoughts on “Deep Creek Hot Springs

  1. Dawn

    Fun to hear about the adventures so far! Battling themes of body odor and natural beauty – sounds about right for a 2600 mile hike. That hot spring must have been sheer heaven (as opposed to the seven levels . . )

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