Nick Gets A Trailname

I, the hiker formerly known as Nick, shall now go by Roadkill, he who sleeps in roads and smells like something scraped off the interstate two weeks ago.

Well, it’s official. I have a “trail name.” Due to my propensity for camping in (mostly unused) roads and my unique brand of foot stench, I have been dubbed Roadkill by my fellow hikers. This all came about during our descent of Mount San Jacinto, when we decided to take shelter from high winds and sleep on a flat spot in a dirt road that led down the side of a ridge. When we woke up, our fellow hikers Lost And Found and Waterbed were eating breakfast up the road from us and giggling. By the time we broke camp and hiked up, they had already left.

When we caught up to Waterbed and Lost and Found later on in the day, they told us that whoever had made the decision to camp in the road would have to take the trail name Roadkill. Obviously they didn’t agree with us that the road appeared completely unused, and figured that we were likely to get squished by an errant Jeep in our sleep. I leapt at the chance to take a trail name that didn’t contain the words “stink” or “odor,” so I owned up to the decision and took the name. So far the name has stuck- I guess it could be worse.

Kinda Resembles roadkill doesn't he?

Kinda Resembles roadkill doesn’t he?

6 thoughts on “Nick Gets A Trailname

  1. Dawn

    Haha! Still remember when you named a fellow camper in 4th grade “Mystery Meat,” feels like it is coming back around at you.

  2. Susan Johnson

    Hi Fellas!
    It’s so entertaining to read your nerd journal!
    I’m absolutely loving it! I think about you guys and pray for you daily!
    Stay smart out there!
    Hey Nick- I will make you a “RoadKill” cake when you return! Remember them? After you had it at Aaron’s Birthday you had to have one every year for yourself….. yeah, your new name suits you!

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