Leaving Arcata for the Road

The day has finally come that we’ve packed our bags and boxes, finished the last minute detains by crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s… We spent the morning printing topo maps on waterproof Rite in the Rain paper, labeling our resupply boxes, and grabbing the first weeks worth of food from the stash. All the boxes are now arranged in order in Nick’s room, ready to be shipped to our resupply locations. Our paparazzi parents photographed the departure, with every possibly permutation of hat, no hat, backpack on and off, one parent or two, and even a grandmother thrown into the photographing mix.

Nick and Gabe pose with their mothers as they depart Humboldt County.

The boys after their new haircuts

After all was said and done, we started the five hour drive down to San Francisco, where we will stay the night with friends before flying to San Diego tomorrow.  It’s an incredible feeling to have all the next six months possessions in one bag, which conveniently fits on our backs with added straps and padding for comfort. I feel free to run, albeit walk very slowly, through the mountains and tramp across rivers for the next 2600 miles.


Nick posing as we finish off packing our resupply boxes


Nick and Gabe pose with their dorky hats at Nicks immediately prior to departure


Posing without the hats, note the short hair and clean shaven faces, now for six months if wild knotty hair

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  1. Tara

    Hey! Just came across your site and am hoping to follow your trek. Is there a way to do that? I don’t see a “follow” option.


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