Planning for the PCT

P1030372After purchasing $1500 of food from WinCo, Costco,, and Cash & Carry, we spent the past three days placing all our bulk food into small plastic bags to be sent to us on the trail. We’ve put together 20 resupply boxes of instant mash potatoes and rice, powdered milk and cheese, dehydrated fruit and vegetables, as well as snickers and m&m’s to keep us hiking all those miles. It’s been a giant mission to prepare resupply bottles of sunscreen, hot sauce, and cooking oil, mail ourselves new contacts, painkillers (non-prescription), and chap-stick, along with numerous new pairs of socks and underwear (since we’ll be burning through them along the hike).  Most of our group and personal gear is packed and ready to depart tomorrow (see our packing list), and we’re spending today finishing the last minute odds-and-ends such as printing maps and shipping labels, inventorying our resupply boxes, and making sure we have a ride to the trail head. Everything’s looking like it’s going to work perfectly, and we’re both getting antsy about starting this adventure.

We’re driving down to San Francisco tomorrow (4/20, woohoo) to stay with a few friends before flying to San Diego the next day. We’ll stay with some friends while we get our bodies accustomed to the heat of southern California, and hope to hit the trail by the 23rd or 24th. There’s a possibility we might head to Joshua Tree to test our equipment and see the beautiful sights with friends before actually departing on the trail

shaveBoth Nick and Gabe abandoned their golden locks for the new, chic, clean-shaven look standard of most PCT hikers through the desert. With scorching hot temperatures and very low humidity from Campo to Kennedy Meadows (the first 700 miles of hiking), many choose to keep their bodies cooler during the day with short hair. Nick had way too much fun shaving Gabe’s head while Gabe shuddered in terror watching his friend destroy his most prized possession.


Nick attacks Gabe with the razor mid buzz-cut


Nick and Gabe hug it out after the shaving war is complete

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